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En Garde!

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Fireplace Games
Developer: Fireplace Games
Release Date: Aug. 16, 2023

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'En Garde!' Gets PC Release Date - Trailer

by Rainier on July 17, 2023 @ 8:49 a.m. PDT

In En Garde!, a swashbuckling action game, players battle graceless guards and nefarious noblemen in fast-paced fights full of spectacle. Use the environment, your wit and your blade to teach them all a lesson!

En Garde! is an action-adventure game that offers players the chance to step into the boots of Adalia de Volador, a legendary swashbuckling hero, in a fantasized vision of the 17th century. Players can embark on daring escapades filled with charm and humor, challenge the treachery of the cruel Count-Duke and oppose tyranny with panache! 

Featuring beautifully painted locations, theatrical characters, and an astounding amount of banter and quips, En Garde! is among the first original game IPs to re-create the classic swashbuckling comedy and adventure of a bygone era.

The combat in the game is challenging and ever-changing, pushing players to use trickery, acrobatics, and many objects in the environment to defeat scores of scoundrels, guards, and nefarious nobles. The game offers a series of exciting story episodes or the chance to experiment with zany modifiers in Arena mode, battling waves of diverse enemies.

Players can fill their Panache Meter and unlock special skills by fighting with style, exchanging attacks, parries and ripostes with their opponents. The game also encourages players to adapt and improvise, learn their enemies' weaknesses, and use the environment to their advantage by surprising, stunning or evading enemies.

En Garde!'s team has reformed and expanded to remake the game from the ground up. With its hilarious, action-packed spectacles, En Garde! offers players a one-of-a-kind swashbuckling adventure.

Key Features:

  • Fencing With Flair: Parry, riposte and lunge your way to victory! Fight with style to fill your Panache Meter and unlock special skills! But you’ll need more than your sword to win the day…
  • Adapt and Improvise: Challenging, ever-changing fights push you to rely on your cunning and acrobatics to disturb your enemies. Learn their weaknesses to toy with them and express your fighting style.
  • Experiment with the Environment: Combat areas are playgrounds full of opportunities to create mischief and gain the upper hand. Surprise, stun, or evade enemies with a variety of objects - from rolling barrels to falling chandeliers.
  • Arena Mode: Unlock zany game-changing modifiers and new fight situations in the arena mode. Play and replay randomized scenarios to test your skill against waves of enemies!
  • Theatrical Characters: A flamboyant cast dazzles the screen! Adalia and her rivals react to each of your actions, exchanging witty one-liners during the flow of the fight.
  • Story Episodes: Discover the tales of Adalia, with unique challenges to complete and secrets to uncover. Fight through marketplaces, dungeons and palaces: the world's a stage for your epic duels!
  • Award-winning Passion Project: The game was first prototyped as an award-winning and much-loved student project. The original team has reformed and expanded as Fireplace Games to increase the scope, sweep and grandeur of En Garde!.

En Garde! is coming to PC (Steam) on August 16, 2023.

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