Barton Lynch Pro Surfing

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Sports
Developer: Bungarra Software
Release Date: Nov. 17, 2023

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'Barton Lynch Pro Surfing' Leaving Early Access, Gets PS5, Xbox And PC Release Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 26, 2023 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing pays homage to the sport of surfing and pits you against the world’s best surfer's at the most exotic locations on the planet.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing is a true to life sports game that pits you against the world’s best surfers in the most exotic locations around the world. The expansive world tour features an in-depth leaderboard and sports commentary, or if you prefer to free surf, simply cruise around the vast beaches at your leisure.

Cutting edge graphics meets hardcore physics and beautifully brutal waves. Pump control uses the wave’s power so you can surf faster and unlock more moves. More speed = more moves! Pump, smash that lip, get sooo barreled and launch airs from waves that barrel, peak, break left and right, or just foam crumble.

Customize your own character to your liking or play as some of today’s top pros, including: Yago Dora, Clay Marzo, Nathan Florence, Soli Bailey, Mahina Maeda, Vahine Fierro, Felicity Palmateer, and of course the legendary world champion, coach and Pro Surfing commentator Barton Lynch.

Australian-based developer/publisher Bungarra Software are announcing that Barton Lynch Pro Surfing will be leaving Steam Early Access and launching on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 & Xbox on November 17, 2023.

Key Features:

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SURF CONDITIONS – MADE FOR YOU, BY YOU: Control the weather! Use your sick weather tool to directly impact how you play. So create any surf conditions you want using the amazing weather tool that affects conditions in real-time. Big, sunny, low tide and glassy? You got it! Messy & small with a heavy cross-shore wind – just so you can practice your boosts? What? Yeah!
  • WORLD CHAMPS & UNDERGROUND HEAVYWEIGHTS: See how you compare to the big names on the tour, including Yago or Soli, or underground chargers in Nathan & Clay. Or what about taking on big wave chargers Vahine, Mahina or Felicity?
  • A MASSIVE CAREER MODE: Set out to conquer the world rankings in a singles career or via online leaderboards with friends. Manage your money, equipment, your health and your performance to reach the top. The Tour is a sporting challenge like no other, so leave no stone unturned as its going to test you
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERS: The possibilities are massive – no seriously – huge. You can customize your entire look, but then on top of that all of your choices impact what happens in the game. With your surfer’s equipment, different wetsuits, rashies, board shorts, fins, board shapes including sizes, widths, bottom, tails, rails, noses – every item customizable and gameplay based. To boot, we feature some of the most recognized surf brands like Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, MR Surfboards, Lost, Pyzel, ONeil, Creatures Of Leisure, Futures Fins, and many more.
  • REAL LIFE ICONIC LOCATIONS: BL Pro Surfing locations are all real-world breaks designed to take you where you want to be. From Snapper, Mundaka, to Pipeline or the Box – we’ve got you covered. Should you rock off at Snapper or take your chances in the channel? Want to perfect that bottom to top backside snap before pulling in to get shacked at Hossegor? Now you can. Should you paddle big Jaws or Tow in? That’s a dilemma. But what about paddling from Main Break to the Box when it’s pumping? Yep, you can do that too.
  • GAME MODES: Tour Modes, Free Surf, Trick Challenges – endless hours of challenges and replay-ability. Sure, the games graphics might look a bit pretty, but this is a surfing experience with a true sense of gameplay depth. A set of progressive difficulties at each location helps build your skills and knowledge of the waves so you can take your real-time skills and start ripping it up in real life.
  • LEGIT SOUNDTRACK: Smoking Martha, Kilns, Oly Sherman, Wing Defence, Mesmeriser and Bad Pony headline the distinctive music that blends well with BL Pro Surfing’s worldwide vibe and fluid physics-based control mechanics. 

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing requires a controller in order to play. Playing with a keyboard and mouse isn't supported.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing is coming to PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam/Humble) on November 17, 2023 for $49.99 /€49.99.

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