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Paranormal Activity

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Release Date: 2026

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'Paranormal Activity' Is An Interactive Horror Experience Based On The Movie Franchise, Coming In 2026 - Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2024 @ 2:00 p.m. PST

Paranormal Activity will bring the franchise's found-footage style to horror enthusiasts in surprising new ways, immersing them in a story that expands upon the lore and world of the films.

DreadXP,  DarkStone Digital, and Paramount Game Studios announced plans to produce an all-new interactive game experience based on the blockbuster Paranormal Activity franchise.

Known for hit titles such as The Mortuary AssistantMy Friendly Neighborhood, and the Dread X Collection series, DreadXP’s Paranormal Activity pairs the video game publisher’s expertise in crafting unique, unforgettable terrors with one of the biggest horror properties in the world. 

DreadXP co-director and creative director Brian Clarke (AKA DarkStone Digital), the developer of the acclaimed The Mortuary Assistant, leads the development of Paranormal Activity. The game will feature an advanced “Haunt System,” which will dynamically alter the types and intensity of scares players will encounter based on their actions.

“We are thrilled to work with Paramount Game Studios and to have the opportunity to bring the world of Paranormal Activity to gamers everywhere,” said Epic Pictures CEO and DreadXP producer Patrick Ewald. “The films are steeped in rich lore and creative scares, and under the stewardship of creative director Brian Clarke, DreadXP’s Paranormal Activity video game will honor those core tenets and offer horror fans one of our most terrifying games yet.” 

“The success of the Paranormal Activity franchise epitomizes the power and reach of the horror genre,” said DreadXP co-director and creative director Brian Clarke. “If you thought The Mortuary Assistant was scary, we’re taking what we learned during the development of that title and cranking it up with a more reactive and horrifying haunting system. It’s going to be intense!”

What began as an indie sensation in 2007 became a global horror phenomenon as the original Paranormal Activity terrified audiences around the world and reimagined the “found footage” genre for a whole new generation. The seven chilling films in the franchise, brought to the screen by producers Blumhouse and Solana Films, have earned more than $800 million at the worldwide box office.

The Paranormal Activity video game is slated for release in 2026 across multiple platforms. Additional details will be announced by publisher DreadXP at a later date.

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