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June 2024

Deliver Us Home

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: KeokeN Interactive

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'Deliver Us Home' Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

by Rainier on May 21, 2024 @ 2:40 p.m. PDT

Deliver Us Home is a solitary sci-fi experience where one astronaut works to secure a new home and future for humanity.

It’s the 23rd century. Humanity has long ago evacuated the wasteland that is planet Earth. You, a descendant of the evacuees, have been trained relentlessly to become an interplanetary astronaut. Sent out into the endless void of space, your mission statement is as simple as it is impossible: secure a new, permanent home for humanity.

After a long journey, you approach your designated planet. Though you’ve prepared for the unexpected, the worst, and the most extreme conditions, there’s no telling what lies in store for you on the surface. Survive the unknown, explore the desolation, and break ground for humanity’s new home as you uncover the secrets of mysterious settlers that - somehow - arrived here long before you did...

Deliver Us Home is filled with interactions used to explore the nooks and crannies of both your designated planet and the outer space surrounding it. Use power cells, pressure plates and redirectable energy to unlock long-abandoned places. Command your robot companion and drive your rover to reach areas otherwise inaccessible to you. Climb ledges, scale walls and move objects to platform your way to new heights, more mysteries - and loot.

We're back on Kickstarter with Deliver Us Home!

It is no secret that the global gaming industry is going through an extremely rough patch. The investment climate has worsened dramatically and traditional developer-publisher models are failing. Since 2023, tens of thousands of game developers have been laid off. 

We haven’t been immune to the industry’s maladies. After a long time and more than 250 attempts to secure a publishing deal, we too have had to lay off our team. But being reduced to a skeleton crew also gives rise to new opportunities.

It has become abundantly clear that what is most important to us and our team is you, our community. You play our games, you make our games shine, you make us feel special as you believe in us. You have showed up consistently in both the good and the bad times, from our debut Kickstarter in the past to our recent video asking for help. Because of you, we’ve reached millions of people. We have always needed you and continue to do so. 

Kickstarter is the best place to be able to engage with your community and have them be part of the journey and meaningful stamp they put on your project. After a long journey in our game series, we've once again are taking our first steps to crowdfund our new title as we've had a successful campaign before filled with fond memories and are essentially the most meaningful stepping stones towards a successful game project.

Deliver Us Home contains decisions to be made and unique, challenging moments and scenarios that require the necessary equipment and preparation. Luckily, your designated planet is rife with materials and ingredients. Scour your environment and pay close attention to the clues around you to obtain the parts, materials and information imperative to your survival and progress. Upgrade your suit, your robot companion and your vehicle to keep progressing and to style them to your taste. In classic Metroidvania fashion, you’ll find that some upgrades not only unlock completely new areas, but also allow you to access locations that were previously just beyond your reach.

Deliver Us Home features a host of mysteries waiting for you to uncover them. As you find more messages, holograms, souvenirs, letters, farewells, logs, artifacts, relics and more, the story slowly unfolds. Reconcile with your past, uncover the truth about the settlers who came before you, and ultimately restore your designated planet to secure a new home and future for humanity.

Key Features:

  • Deliver Us Home is a narrative-driven, third-person adventure game set in a widely linear world that’s yours to explore, scavenge, survive, uncover, and restore.
  • Undertake an odyssey on a planet that’s magnificently serene - and hauntingly desolate.
  • Live through a sweeping story that explores the consequences of climate change and the future of humanity.
  • Dive into a solitary experience packed with mystery and unique, memorable moments.
  • Deliver Us Home is the third game in the celebrated ‘Deliver Us’ series. You don’t need to have played the other two games to enjoy this one, though!
  • Be part of a movement that uses the power and reach of the medium we love so much - games - to deliver meaningful messages in compelling stories.


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