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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Singularity 6
Release Date: Oct. 24, 2023

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'Palia' Update 180 Adds New Questlines, Building Blocks System, Increased Friendship Level, Economy Updates And More

by Rainier on May 28, 2024 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT

Palia is a community simulation massively multiplayer online game where players can build a home and life, meet and befriend a compelling cast of characters, and experience an evolving narrative with other players.

Palia is set in a high fantasy world with robust online multiplayer features and a 3rd person perspective that adds a new layer of depth to the sim genre, giving players a deep community experience in a vibrant living world. As players explore this new world full of wonder, they decide how they fit in, what they want to do and how they want to play.

In Palia, humans are the legendary race, having disappeared thousands of years ago at the height of their grandeur and mastery of magic. Nobody in modern times knows why. Players awaken as human characters without explanation in a quaint, lakeside village where they’ll make their home and forge a new future for themselves and humanity. Together with a massive online community, players will uncover the secrets to humanity's past through an evolving narrative that will take years to fully unveil. Palia is a gorgeous, cozy world that’s constantly evolving and features deep customization systems, a compelling cast of non-playable characters, and a massive online community of other players to share and explore it with.

Palia is a gorgeous, cozy world that’s constantly evolving and features deep customization systems, a compelling cast of non-playable characters, and a robust Neighborhood system that allows players to forge communities of their own. Combining the welcoming atmosphere of a community sim with a massively multiplayer online experience, the game gives players the chance to be part of a global community of gamers as they collaborate, explore and progress. Palia’s innovative social matchmaking system ensures that friends and neighbors can always be close by.

Palia also offers a robust set of character creation options that allow players to show off their unique style and creativity. This includes a diverse set of face and skin tone options, hairstyles that can go on any character, and a flexible fashion system. Players can mix and match different components, customize colors and patterns, and save their favorite outfits. So whether they want to be an award winning cook, or the best gardener in the world, it’s all up to them. New features will be continually added to expand player’s options.

Starting today, Palians can unlock the all-new Building Blocks system, which allows players to get even more innovative with their housing plots, and access the new Grand Harvest House, featuring an indoor spiral staircase and even a front porch! Additionally, Palians can now beautify their yards and design unique pathways around their homes with the all-new Pavers decor. The update also improves Palia’s economy features, to make the value of engaging in each of the gathering skills more equitable for new players. Additionally, fun new decorative items like adorable insect plushies can be collected in Bahari Bay, and players can now find books to fill their personal libraries with stories.

On top of the new housing and decor updates, patch .180 adds exciting new ways to connect with villagers and friends. Now, players can attain Level 5 Friendship with beloved villagers including Jina, Hekla, and Einar, enabling them to earn exclusive decor rewards after completing each friendship questline. Additionally, Palians can come together to play the fan-favorite Hotpot mini game and earn gold, which is now a permanent fixture in the Underground Black Market. Players will also find new ways to express themselves with the new chat bubble feature, to converse with friends and deepen friendships.

In terms of new premium cosmetics, players can now take home the cuddly new Flutterfox Pet, upgrade their toolbox with the new cosmetic Tools Skins, and dress up their characters with the new Femme Fatale outfit or the Sakura and Palcat Pal cosmetic bundles. Additionally, The Flying Palcat Glider is now available as a stand alone item and in the Playful Paws Bundle, which includes the Spring Flutterfox and Snowy Palcat Pal Outfit. 

Additional details around the new features and quality-of-life improvements available in Patch .180 can be found in the patch notes.

Key Features:

  • Create Your Own Aesthetic – Create a character that is truly your own using Palia’s facial and avatar customization options. A healthy mix of free and premium in-game clothing options gives players a robust assortment of style choices to fit the player’s vibe, whether they feel like adventuring, or just kicking back with friends.
  • Persistent Online Multiplayer – Palia is a cozy MMO. Players can hop into Palia's evolving world and adventure with friends anytime, and no two gameplay sessions will be alike.
  • Evolving World Story – Players can expect hours of gameplay in Palia’s main storyline, but players can also explore Palia’s whimsical multiplayer open world and create a story all their own. Players can also expect frequent storyline updates, in-game events, and more for years post-launch.
  • Eclectic Villagers and Quests – The Villagers of Palia’s world are designed for depth and feature complex, interconnected stories that tie into the game’s evolving world story. Players can develop meaningful friendships and receive impactful mainline and side quests from Palia’s diverse cast of characters. Love might even be in the air for players interested in romancing select Villagers.
  • Engaging Skills, Gathering, and Crafting – Players will need materials to build the in-game life and home of their dreams, as well as create giftable items for their favorite Villagers. Players can gather and craft these items by using, refining, and leveling-up awesome skills and fun minigames, such as fishing, foraging, hunting, insect catching, cooking, gardening, and more. Players will progress their character and earn new recipes for crafting increasingly useful items using the player’s intuitive worktable.
  • Welcome Home – The sheer amount of housing customization options available, to both the house’s interior and exterior, practically ensures that no two housing designs will be the same. If they want, players can expect to progress their pad from a tent to the size of a mansion estate. Players will truly have the opportunity to make their in-game house a home.

Palia is available for Nintendo Switch (eShop) and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

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