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July 2024

Midnight Murder Club

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Velan Studios
Release Date: Fall 2024

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'Midnight Murder Club' Is A 6-Player First-person Shooter Party Game, Coming To PC In Q4 2024 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 25, 2024 @ 12:27 p.m. PDT

Midnight Murder Club is a six-player first-person shooter party game with a dark twist as the entire game is played in the pitch blackness of an old Victorian mansion.

You are formally invited to join the Midnight Murder Club, the most prestigious secret society you’ve never heard of.

Sneak through the dark hallways of the ominous Wormwood Manor armed with nothing but a flashlight and a revolver. Your goal is simple: survive the night–by any means necessary. It’s a high-stakes game of hide, seek, and shoot in the dark. Listen carefully for footsteps echoing down the corridors, voices crying out in the shadows, and the telltale creak of a door slowly opening behind you.

The only light you’ll ever see will come from you or your opponents.

“With Midnight Murder Club, we started with a simple game jam idea of a shooter in the dark and we quickly realized that we had something unique,” said Eric Feurstein, Game Director, Velan Studios. “By playing with light, dark and sound, we’re able to offer a riveting gameplay experience that keeps players’ adrenaline pumping. Playing in pitch darkness is an immediately novel experience where you’re scared to turn your flashlight on for fear that someone will see it, but also don’t want to turn it off for fear of losing your way. You’ll strain your ears to hear footsteps in the darkness, calling out to the shadows, and dreading the response. These are the primal fears we are tapping into with Midnight Murder Club.”

Every room in the mansion is yours to creep through and the reclusive owner has hidden a veritable treasure trove of surprises for you to find! Immolate your friends with the Flame Thrower, ensnare them with the Electrified Bear Trap, and go in guns-blazing with a Tommy Gun. Each toy could give you the edge you need to survive the night in the variety of modes the mansion has in store for you and other guests.

Midnight Murder Club has everything you could ask for in a party game: chaotic shoot outs, proximity chat with your friends, destructive toys, and a variety of game modes to terrorize your fellow Club members in.

Hide, seek, & shoot in the dark.

Midnight Murder Club is coming to PC (Steam) in Fall 2024.

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