Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Release Date: Feb. 2, 2024

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8. 'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League' (PS5/XSX/PC)

by Judy on Jan. 18, 2022 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

The most dangerous villains in the DC Universe have been forced to team up and take on a new mission: Kill the Justice League.

Chris "Atom" DeAngelus: While Gotham Knights might feel like a thematic sequel to Arkham Knight, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has the OG developers taking on the multiplayer concept. Taking control of the titular Suicide Squad, players find themselves in pretty much the worst possible situation. Braniac has invaded and brainwashed the world's greatest heroes. A squad comprised of a guy who's good with boomerangs, a guy who's good with guns, a lady with a bat, and a giant talking shark have to figure out how they are supposed to defeat The Flash and Superman. The idea of being the ultimate underdogs has a lot of appeal, and Rocksteady has proven that it can make superhero gold when given the chance.

Cody Medellin: Due to the delay for Gotham Knights, WB Games is in a unique position of having two very similar games releasing in the same year. This is the more interesting of the two DC titles, thanks in part to the emphasis on gunplay, which Rocksteady hasn't done since Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Couple that with a cast that carries the zany humor of the James Gunn-helmed "The Suicide Squad," and this may be the answer to the very good Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game from 2021.

Adam Pavlacka: It's the latest game in the Arkham-verse, it's being developed by Rocksteady, it features the Suicide Squad, and it's set in Metropolis. Oh, and Superman has been brainwashed and is a bad guy. With an elevator pitch like that, I can't wait to see the mayhem play out in real time. Also of note is the four-player co-op throughout story mode. While you can play solo (with AI filling in for the others), Kill the Justice League sounds like it's designed for a group of friends.

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