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Diablo IV

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Activision Blizzard
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date: June 5, 2023

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5. 'Diablo IV' (PS5, PS4, XSX, XOne, PC)

by Judy on Jan. 12, 2023 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

Diablo IV draws players into a grim story line and gives them the freedom to explore and forge their own path across the most expansive and intense vision of the world of Sanctuary—a bleak and shattered hellscape bereft of hope and beset by demons.

Redmond Carolipio: I'll admit, this is now more of a curiosity for me instead of something I can't wait to get on my screen. It feels like people have been waiting so long for this I almost forgot it was still a thing. It might open up the door for newer audiences to acquaint — or re-acquaint — themselves with what made the series so impactful in the first place. Will it still hold? A lot … I mean a LOT … has happened in game design and approach in the last decade or so, which is when Diablo III came out. Then again, I feel like many had some of the same questions about Doom, and that seemed to work out OK.

Cody Medellin: Ask people how Diablo III was when it launched, and they'll tell you it was a buggy mess that was a huge step back from the heights of Diablo II. Ask people how Diablo III was a year later, and they'll tell you that it became an absolutely solid action-RPG that remains addictive even if they feel that Diablo II still did things better. After more than a decade, we're back to beating down the denizens of Hell.

Tony "OUberLord" Mitera: It's awfully hard to not be excited about a new Diablo game. Diablo III was the modernization that the series needed at the time, and Diablo IV seems to be a further refinement to it. That and the Rogue class is coming back, so I already know which class I'll be playing in June.

Adam Pavlacka: If you're counting hours, Diablo II might just be my most played PC game of all time. It had more polish than the original game and more focus than Diablo III. Blizzard knows that it fumbled a bit with the third game, so I'm hoping for a return to form with the next release. If Diablo IV ends up as a better game than Diablo II, it'll be a worldwide megahit. Here's hoping you're not doing anything productive the week it comes out.

Andreas Salmen: I'd love to be nothing but excited for Diablo IV, but there's just too much happening around the IP and its publisher in recent months and years to not be somewhat skeptical. It's probably going to be good, but Diablo Immortal in and of itself has left quite the stain on Diablo's reputation. I'm still cautiously looking forward to, hopefully, a worthy new entry.

Rainier Van Autrijve: When I started gaming, I was mostly into strategy games like Blitzkrieg, Command & Conquer and StarCraft. It wasn't until Diablo III that I fully switched to the action-RPG wagon and haven't looked back since. D3 is still an amazing game, with 27 seasons of fresh content and the next season rolling out imminently. One of the new features D3 added was verticality, and it looks like Diablo IV will build on that. It may seem like a simple addition, but I loved being able to delve deeper into a dungeon. Speaking of exploration, while previous titles let you roam around a particular map, D4 is promising an actual open world that will only add to the need to investigate all nooks and crannies. I'm usually not much of a PvP player, but I'm sure the procedurally generated dungeons will make up for that and keep me busy for another decade. Where's my Necromancer!? I'm ready to raise the dead!

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